Did meagan good dating soulja boy

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Meagan must of been bitter after The break up, because she blasted him on twitter calling him Gay. (and I feel like half those chicks were lumped with him because they happened to have been in the same place and took some pics..random as shit) Hell he might've even dated me and the experience was so traumatizing that I forgot.

Lil Wayne was errbody's first love (except for mine) lol. It's been nine years and she still messed up over the fact she had to dump him (no more daddy's money for her)Lil Wayne was errbody's first love (except for mine) lol.

We pulled together more famous people that you might not have known were an item back in the day and brought them to you in order to shock, surprise, and entertain!

And per the usual, if you knew about these relationships, that’s good for you, but share this story with your friends!

Meagan Good sat with NY Post and discussed her pass relationships, long term celibacy and founding God. She immediately went celibate and started going to church regularly after her ex-boyfriend Thomas Jones (2000-2010) cheated on her many times.

Meagan Good is now happily married to pastor De Von Franklin.

He and I both believed in a lot of the same things, but those rebellious stages sometimes caused conflict between the two of us.

In response to Meagan's comment, Soulja Boy simply wrote "@Real Meagan Good = Fake," to which Good tells him to get over himself.

"You're young, rich and over-rated and you think you can have anyone.

Well, not on-screen at least, but off-screen that is. The two dated during the first season, and I’m assuming it didn’t cause any awkwardness for them when filming as they claimed everyone was like a big family on set.

The co-stars of my beloved “Living Single” dated for about a year, and such was confirmed by Fields in the exclusive “Making of Living Single” featurette on the Season 1 DVD. But either way, they were definitely a cute couple., golf’s former golden boy and the famous country singer dated for a few months before she got married the first time around to ex-husband Dean Sheremet. Source: My Space – Soulja Boy Soulja Boy and Meagan Good The beautiful actress took a break from dating buff football players to try her hand at dating a rapper–Soulja Boy of all people.

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