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It’s a problem that muscleman, Zack Hood, has to contend with big-time when he gets young Tony Conrad to do some vacuuming in his office.

Come explore Mystical Realms and join a true role-playing community. It is a plane made up of several worlds, set in a mysterious time of high fantasy.All the same, you don’t need to be a clairvoyant to realise where this scene is headed and whose arsehole is going to be seeing all the action; and indeed it’s not too long before Hood has bundled his cute fuck-buddy over a table and is energetically fingering the pup’s horny little hole.A few moments more and Conrad is being quite literally fucked like a toy – which, given the boy’s response, is something that he quietly enjoys.Magic rules the realm, and all matter of creature lives within - elves and dragons, humans and vampires.Storylines are created by our members with an emphasis on building character and interaction with others.

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